Friday, March 14, 2014

What's worth more?

It is better to suffer for love , than never to have loved.
Better to risk everything for your dreams, you have refused to dream, or worse not having dared to fight for them.
Worth a thousand times wrong , simply stop for fear of error.
Better to have a faithful friend, a thousand you get back when you fall out of favor .

Better to say goodbye when love is gone, to live suffering impossible.
It 's a hand that you hold today , although thousands are by your side , never touching .
It more and laugh at life from our mistakes, that bitter and mourn for what we can not change .

Better to forgive, to keep a grudge that burns you and weigh on the soul.
Better to try to be happy today , to put your happiness as a distant goal , which do not have security to meet.
Better to forget to bring your past as a burden on your shoulders that does not allow you to move forward .

Better to say " I love you" now , every minute , then regret for having ever said.
It 's the love you feel for you, the other person that you can offer.
It is better to say what you think , be silent and contemplate what you could achieve if you had expressed your thoughts.

Worth trying, even if you think you'll lose, to stay whole life wondering : What would have happened if ... ?
It is better now, today, when you live , a thousand memories of the past or a thousand hours of a future that has not yet reached .